About Us


At CaliforStyle, we make it easy for you to shop the look you want. We will help you discover the latest trending looks, let you decide for yourself what you like, and shop what you see - without breaking the bank.

You are what you wear, and we believe that if you dress confident, you will be confident. Our customers are at the forefront of fashion, they are the rule makers, the rule breakers and the instafamous of the internet, rocking the likes everyday.

CaliforStyle is about bringing the Californian Style to you, for you, wherever you may be from. Being from California means being diverse and representing beauty from all corners of the world. And our customers know it, and are proud of it.

We are committed to delivering you the best service we can, as fast as we can. No shortcuts, no bs. CaliforStyle aims to be the biggest online clothes retailer in California by 2021 by providing you with the latest head-turning fashion. Period.